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Pathway to Practice NC is a Competency-Based Education Program

What is CBE?

Competency-based education (CBE) programs emphasize what students know and are able to do.​ This approach ensures that graduates have the specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes required to succeed in the workplace. CBE students cannot progress or complete their program of study until they have demonstrated mastery of every required competency.

What are the benefits of CBE?

CBE programs allow students to progress at their own pace.​ Instead of requiring that students participate in a course for a specific amount of time, CBE students progress towards completion as soon as they demonstrate mastery of competencies.

CBE and Lateral Entry programs

The CBE design works well for Lateral Entry teachers who also have the demands and challenges of day-to-day classroom teaching (The NC-CBE Project).

Comparison of Traditional Online Programs and CBE Programs

Quality Traditional online programs Competency-based program
Time Fixed semester Self-paced
Completion End of semester, final exams Demonstration of mastery
Organization of Content Weekly topics Competencies
Participation Specific amount of time based on institutional deadlines Progress toward completion at learner’s own pace
Emphasis Curriculum for those with little-to-no experience Curriculum that builds on skills and abilities